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Most people visualize fire rings and grills when they think of commercial outdoor accessories. Few think of receptacle accessories when they call to make a purchase. For some reason, people think of a trash can as a trash can. They neglect to look at the various ways to customize its design.

Did you know, however, that waste receptacle accessories play a major role in park safety?

Consider such things as fire prevention and children’s health before you prematurely cut these essential products from your procurement budget.

Ash Bonnets
Smokers tend to be either wanton litterbugs or conscientious to the point of hazard. We have all heard stories about fires that were started by cigarettes thrown onto the ground. Almost as many fires get started by throwing butts into open trash cans, where they smolder until the contents of the container go up in flames.

Neither outcome is desirable for your civic recreational area or local park. Prevent them by ordering ash bonnets for your receptacle tops. The ashtray can be filled with sand or cinder and features a heat resistant, powder coated top. This keeps smoldering cigarette butts off the ground and out of the mass of paper products contained within the receptacle.

Drum Dome Lids
Many people think these commercial outdoor accessories are nothing more than decorative. In reality, they play a vital role in odor control. They also help reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Drum domes fashion securely to trash can tops. If the can tips over, there is a very good chance that the dome will remain attached and prevent waste spillage onto the ground. If the lid does partly detached, spillage is minimal in comparison to that of an open can without a lid.

If you are designing a park for families with small children, you definitely want to add these tow commercial outdoor accessories to your purchase order. Not only do they create a more attractive environment; they also create a safer environment for kids.

Commercial Outdoor Accessories – Call Us For A Free Quote! 877-483-9270