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Furnish any Outdoor Space Through our One-Shop Sourcing.
Commercial Outdoor Furniture offers you a complete selection of park furniture. Find seating, dining, waste disposal, and outdoor accessory options for any type of outdoor environment. We routinely supply premium grade products o municipal parks, roadside rest stops, school campuses, state campgrounds, and even corporate office parks throughout the United States. Our metal fabrication processes create sound structures that withstand the elements even after years of exposure to the elements. Our thermoplastic coating protects surfaces from oxidation and damage from continual use.

As demand continues to grow, new lines of park furniture are continually added to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse customer base. Find new models in U-Leg Benches, U-Leg Perforated Benches, and Picnic Tables with Radial Edges. If your guests prefer wooden tables, don’t worry. We carry wood products as well.

Park Furniture is Divided into Five Major Categories.
1. Metal benches provide comfortable outdoor seating and feature a diversity of design choices. A growing number of customers ask us to personalize their benches at the time of manufacturer. We have three ways we can personalize your seating, described in a later section of this article. Choose from roll-form, diamond pattern, backless, and standard perforated benches, just to name a few.

2. Tables in various sizes and geometries allow you to furnish everything from patios to picnic areas. Choose from a spectrum of standard and custom colors to complement surrounding architecture or natural landscape features. Find children’s picnic tables, square tables, round tables, pedestal tables, and much more when you browse our park furniture options.

3. Chairs allow you increase the seating capacity of your patio, break area, or sports area. Find Oglethorpe, Northgate, pedestal, lounge, and standard chairs in our selection.

4. Receptacles of various sizes, colors, and designs allow you to create any decorative theme you like. Gone are the days of gray plastic and aluminum trash cans that stick out like eyesores on the landscape. Find over a dozen unique designs in our inventory that combine beautiful colors with high volume storage capacity.

5. Park Accessories such as bike racks, grills, umbrellas, and receptacle bonnets add a special touch to any park environment. Whether you are building a campground, company picnic area, or city playground, you and all of the “little things that matter” here at Commercial Furniture for Outdoors.

Sturdy Construction Keeps Park Furniture Stable Even After Years of Heavy Usage.
Table and bench frames are constructed from precision manufactured steel tubing. The steel is galvanized by a patented process that involves blending an organic polymer with zinc to create a triple layer of protection against impact, scratching, and corrosion.

Picnic tables, benches, chairs, and receptacles are further protected from the elements with a special material known as thermoplastic. This finish is graffiti and water resistant. Even after hours of rain, the water simply beads and dries without drip residue. Even better, thermoplastic is manufactured using an environmentally friendly process that uses no harmful chemicals. Thermoplastic is colored contiguously, so you never have to repaint your park furniture even after years of exposure to direct sunlight.

A Variety of Styles Give you Complete Design Flexibility.

1, Diamond Pattern- Formed by 11 gauge steel vertical stats measuring 1 1/2″ with 3/4″ space between them.
2. Expanded Metal- Another diamond patter formed by 9 gauge steel.
3. Perforated Metal-11 gauge steel punctuated by 1/2″ holes or staggered centers
4. Welded Style- Hand welded from individual strips of steel
5. Wire- Created by criss-crossing and welding wire to the desired shape
6. Rod- Created by welding steel rods to the frame.

You can choose from portable mounts, in-ground mounds, or surface mounts so you can position your park furniture anywhere on your landscape.

Last but Not Least, Remember to PERSONALIZE your Park Furniture.
Custom branding continues to rise in popularity with schools, corporations, municipalities, and summer camps. Everything from logos to honorary commemorations to high quality artwork can be added to our benches. We have two methods of personalization that allow us to place lettering on benches and receptacles. Depending on the metal pattern you select, we can either cut the letter from the metal or weld letters to the metal. We can also personalize your products with multiple colors so your lettering stands out against a starkly contrasted background. This image is waranted for 5 years against discoloration and peeling and is an excellent way to commemorate showcase a logo or theme.

Remember that we have over 16 unique and vibrant colors, so we can match your selections to any urban, rural, suburban, or wilderness lanscape. Call us now.

Commercial Outdoor Park Furniture – Free Quotation 877-483-9270